May 15, 2021

SBTV vs Clear

Note:Information provided below is current as of June 2020 and is subject to change. Channel lineups and VOD content can and do change regularly.

Which service is right for you?

The Live tv offered between both services is similar. I will break down the amount of channels each service has in their different categories…

Live Tv Category # channels on Still Broke Tv # channels on Clear
Network Tv 313 195
Sports Networks 210 170
Regional Local 391 425
Low Bandwidth about 90 but are in the network tv category 90
Religion 23 0 no religion category
Music 99 98
24/7 Kids 61 64
24/7 Tv 183 196
24/7 Movies 46 45
Latino 251 130
Canada 95 66
UK 107 83
French 76 116
Caribbean 112 111
Indian 154 0 no category
German 174 0 no category
Brazil 105 0 no category
Portuguese 237 0 no category
Futbol / Rugby 158 0 no category
Adult XXX 34 33
CatchUp 0 doesnt offer catchup 64 popular channels plus ppvs

Both services offer categores for MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, NCAA and PPVs and will air games and events when they are available. Both services also offer ESPN+, Still Broke Tv has them in their own category and Clear has them in the PPV category.

While there will be some differences in specific channels between the 2 services, most of the major networks/channels are in each service. Major difference is Still Broke Tv has more foreign channels but Clear service has Catchup Tv. ( allows you to watch shows from the previous day or so on a channel )


Neither service includes Movies or Tv Shows on demand. We do have information on free apps available to our customers that can be used for on demand movies and shows.

Devices available to watch service on

Still Broke Tv apps are android based but there are 3rd party apps available so you can watch the service on iOS devices as well. Some smart tvs have access to an app so you dont even need a device. PC’s and any device with a browser can view via a webplayer. Roku typically doesnt work. There is also the ability to use m3u capable apps and other apps like Tivimate. In general, the Still Broke Tv apps are user friendly and easy to use.

Clear service has its own proprietary app that is android based so works with android type devices. Currently no known iOS app that works with clear. Has an official Roku app ( but only live tv works with the roku app ) so should always be available on Roku. Has a wbplayer available so should be able to watch service on any device that has a browser. ( movies general dont work on webplayer, just live tv ) Clear can also be used on Tivimate. The Clear app is a little harder to use and not as user friendly. However, we do provide videos on this website showing you how to use the app.

So as you can see, device wise the services are very similar. If your mainly iOS you will want Still Broke Tv until Clear has an option. If your mainly Roku then you probably want Clear.

App/Service Features

This is where the Clear service has some more advantages. With Clear the official app has a built in cloud storage that gives you 30gb of storage space to save recordings to. Still Broke Tv you would need to have ample space on the device itself to record to. (not recommended on any Amazon device). Clear service also allows you to schedule a show somewhat in advance to record. Still Broke Tv you can only record whats on right then. Both have to be manually set up or started.

Clear is run through the Akamai CDN which is the same network used to deliver other major streaming services so its much higher quality and delivery. Youll notice better picture quality than on Still Broke ( still hd quality on SBTv) and since Clear runs in the cloud and not on servers, there are access points to the content worldwide. What this means is that you will get no buffering that is related to your isp’s routing. ( other factors may still cause buffering )

Final Thoughts

If you have Still Broke Tv and are curious about Clear, get a free trial and check it out for yourself and you be the judge if you want both so you have a backup or if you want to switch.

If you have yet to try either of our services Id take into account your internet speeds and device/s your going to use to watch the service and use that to select which one to try. Most use the cheaper Still Broke Tv service but some prefer Clear ( which you can try for free ).